With the Bills getting blown out during fourth quarter of Sunday's game against the Saints, there wasn't much to cheer about for the few remaining fans at New Era Field. However, that all changed when one man decided to get naked and bravely run across the field in Buffalo temperatures that were hovering in the low-40s. 

The 75-yard run by the nude man was arguably the biggest highlight of the day for Bills fans, who watched their team get blown out 47-10. During the man's run across the field, hundreds of fans were cheering him on. 

Here's some video of the incident that was taken from the upper deck. Unfortunately, we can't show you the NSFW video from the lower deck because he's naked, but you can check that out here as long as you heed the NSFW warning. 

Also, check out this phenomenal slightly NSFW photo from Buffalo News photographer James McCoy. Saints kicker Will Lutz (3) is definitely as surprised as anyone that there's a naked man on the field. 

Of course, we probably shouldn't be that surprised that a man decided to get naked in Buffalo, and that's because this is the same city where sex toy was thrown on the field during a Bills game in 2016. 

As for the streaker, another fantastic picture from his run came from a Twitter user who just happened to be taking a panoramic photo while he was streaking. The combination of the panorama and the streaking produced a picture that probably should be hung up in the streaking gallery at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and if they don't have one, then they should start one. 

Unfortunately for the streaker, who was identified as 29-year-old Tristan Lambright, his night ended almost as badly as the Bills'. After being taken down by security, Lambright was hauled off in handcuffs by Buffalo police, who were nice enough to give him a jacket. 

According to the Buffalo News, Lambert has been charged with criminal trespass, public lewdness and exposure of a person. 

The one upside for Lambert is that he's probably not going to have any problem finding a future date, if he's in the market. Apparently, streaking is better than Tinder or Match.com when it comes to finding some ladies who might be interested in you. After Lambert took the field, ladies all over Twitter were impressed. 

According to the streaker's mom, Kari Snyder Parker, she's been getting some interesting texts about her son

"Your son is hot," Parker said when describing the texts to the Buffalo News. "Friends are coming out of the woodwork. I mean I always knew he was cute."

The biggest downside for Lambright is that his streaking did come at a cost: He had to spend the night in jail.