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The Houston Texans are paying homage to the Houston Oilers in one of their new uniforms for 2024. At least with the shade of blue anyway. 

Set to unveil new uniforms for the first time since debuting in 2002, the Texans' alternate logo was unveiled this week after the helmet leaked on social media. The alternate logo is a first for the franchise and is expected to be paired with the team's new alternate jersey, which is expected to be a nod to the Houston "H-Town Blue" -- or the colors of the Oilers when they were in Houston. 

Here was the alternate helmet leak. 

Without the uniform unveiling, hard to judge the alternate logo and how it correlates to the uniform. The Texans are set on going back to that "H-Town Blue" in some capacity, a change to the uniforms they have worn for the first 22 years of their existence. 

The Texans have the option to add a third helmet this season, so the alternate helmet will be paired with the primary "Battle Red" helmet. The second and third helmets can only be worn with alternate, classic and color rush uniforms.

Houston will have four new jerseys in 2024, or as many as the franchise has worn in its first 22 seasons. The uniform unveil is expected to be sometime next week.