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Troy Polamalu is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and his speech was one of the highlights of Saturday night's Class of 2020 induction. His bust, however, may have even topped the speech, which wasn't easy to do.

Polamalu was presented his Hall of Fame bust before giving his speech and it was a sight to behold. This Hall of Fame bust certainly captured Polamalu's trademark hair -- which was as legendary as his play on the field. 

There have been plenty of interesting Hall of Fame busts in Canton that have graced our presence over the years, but topping Polamalu's may be difficult to do. Polamalu and Ed Reed were compared by fans and players for over a decade who was the better safety -- now this conversation of who had the better bust may last for all eternity. 

Tough to tell who would win this debate. I can see why some may go with Reed -- just for the hair and beard. It's difficult for Reed, Polamalu or anyone else to have a better bust than Kevin Greene, whose hair on his Hall of Fame bust is the stuff of legend. 

Let's be fair. This one hard to top, just on the mane alone. 

Michael Strahan has one of the best busts of all time, too, as he made sure to have the famous gap in his teeth shown. Like Polamalu's hair, this is as authentic as it gets. 

Deion Sanders delivered a legendary quote when he received his Hall of Fame bust, stating "I got one final thing because I like him, but something's missing." He pulled out a bandana from his coat and put it on the bust. 

The bust itself -- well that's for you to decide. Deion isn't a fan

Pro Football Hall of Fame

Sadly, the bandana didn't remain on the bust. The Pro Football Hall of Fame removed it, but it does reside in the museum. There even is a page on the website dedicated to Deion's bandana! 

Which bust is the best one currently in Canton? Personally, I'd go with Greene -- but there's no wrong answer here. Hard to ignore how great the sculptor made that mane. But Polamalu's has certainly joined the conversation.