This gesture cost Marshawn Lynch some money. (NBC)

While Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch wasn't fined for yet another insulting meeting with the media last week (nor should he have been, by the way), the league clearly didn't appreciate his crotch grab at the end of his 79-yard touchdown run vs. the Cardinals.

Thus, the NFL has fined him $11,050 for his obscene gesture, according to the Seattle Times.

In case you missed his celebration, here you go.

Aside from that fantastic touchdown run, this is the second time Lynch has gone for his crotch as he enters the end zone. He also did it on his Beast Quake touchdown during the 2011 playoff win vs. the Saints. In case you don't remember ...

Lynch told ESPN in 2013 that his crotch grab at the end of the run was "the stamp. The statement. … You’ve got to finish it off somehow."

For his latest stamp, though, the NFL has decided it's not appropriate. No word from Lynch about his reaction to his latest fine, but you can be sure he'd thank you for asking.