The Detroit Lions are struggling. After seemingly rebounding from their 0-2 start by winning three of the next four games, the Lions have now lost their last three contests, each of them by double digits. Detroit's 3-6 record is fourth-worst in the NFC, ahead of only the 49ers, Giants, and Cardinals, and the Lions are not close to a playoff spot. 

First-year coach Matt Patricia is trying to get things back on track, starting this weekend against the Panthers. Part of his efforts included having the team practice outside -- in the snow -- this week, rather than indoors. That's a perfectly valid decision, and it was largely treated by the local media in Detroit as such. 

And yet, Patricia came out for his Friday press conference and delivered an 891-word opening statement defending his decision to practice in the snow. Yes, really. 

Here's the full text of Patricia's statement, via Kyle Meinke of MLive Media Group. 

And a video, for those so inclined. 

It sure seems like Patricia could have said, "We practiced in the snow because we might at some point play a game in the snow and also because we think there are health benefits to not practicing on turf," and that would have sufficed. Launching into an 861-word lecture on said benefits and seemingly chiding reporters just isn't all that necessary. This is also not the first time Patricia has taken aim at reporters in the room. Earlier this season, scolded a reporter for his posture during a press conference. Bill Belichick gets away with that kind of stuff because he's Bill Belichick, but Patricia is, ya know, not Bill Belichick. There are easier ways to deal with the media than this, and doing so would make the work environment much more comfortable for everybody -- Patricia included.