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The Los Angeles Rams are coming off a Super Bowl championship and raised a championship banner in their own stadium to start the season. Yet, there were plenty of Buffalo Bills fans in attendance in the NFL Kickoff Game at SoFi Stadium Thursday night. 

Bills fans are notorious for traveling well, something the Rams expected heading into the game. The crowd noise screamed pro-Bills throughout the evening, as Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford revealed the Rams had to use a "Plan B" to control the crowd noise in their own stadium. 

"We prepared for it," Stafford said after the game. "We were prepared to be on the silent count at home again, but it wasn't something that we haven't done before."

This wasn't the first occasion the Rams had to control the crowd noise in their home stadium. Deebo Samuel called out the Rams home crowd when the San Francisco 49ers needed to win in SoFi Stadium to clinch a playoff berth. 

"I feel like the Rams pump noise because there wasn't really that many Rams fans in here," Samuel said after the game. 

The Rams were able to win a Super Bowl in their own stadium, but seem to have an issue getting SoFi Stadium at maximum capacity with their own fans. Fortunately the franchise is used to these occasions and has a handle on them, as evidenced by their 8-4 home record since Stafford arrived in Los Angeles (including the postseason).