Michael Vick began his professional career 15 years ago, and it wasn't long until he was doing things on NFL football fields that no one had seen before. Equipped with a rocket for a left arm, Vick always struggled with accuracy, but his ability to avoid pass rushers, blow by linebackers at the second level, and outrun defensive backs down the field became a weekly occurrence.

In 2002, his first season as a starter, Vick threw for 2,936 yards and 16 touchdowns and rushed for 777 yards and 8 more scores. In 2004, Vick rushed for 902 yards, and two years later, a career best 1,039 yards.

Now 36, Vick admits that he regrets being so much better than everyone else in those early years.

"Yeah, I did," Vick told Dan Patrick when asked if he felt bad for being so good. "Some guys tore their ACLs, sprained ankles. It wasn't the prettiest situation. There were times in games when I felt I was dominating, and I was dominating too much.

"And, you know, you got to tell yourself, look, you gotta keep going because they're out to get you," he continued. "But there were so many games I played in where I had so much fun, even up until last year playing in Pittsburgh, I was still padding the rushing stats, padding my stats, and still putting wins in the win column..."

Michael Vick wants to play one more year. USATSI

Vick is hoping to play at least one more NFL season, and he maintains that he's one of the league's fastest quarterbacks. Last week, he said Cam Newton couldn't beat him in the 40-yard dash (Vick ran a 4.33 at his 2001 pro day, Newton ran a 4.59 at his 2011 pro day). And Patrick asked Vick if he could run backwards and still beat Ben Roethlisberger in a footrace.

"Ben's gonna get offended by this but yeah," Vick said laughing. "Ben will tell you he's a great athlete -- which he is -- but running backwards I still might get him."

Meanwhile, with training camps starting this week, Vick is waiting for his phone to ring.

"I'm going to continue to stay optimistic about my 2016 season and try to enjoy it," he said last week. "I wouldn't say that I would go to any of the 32 teams. At this point in my career I would love to play for a contender. If anything, you've just got to be willing to make a contribution. In the NFL, that's what it's all about."

If no one calls, Vick's OK with that too.

"I've got my health, I've got my kids, I've got my family," he told the DailyPress.com back in April. "The game has done so much for me in terms of relationships, opportunities to take care of myself and my family. I'm just thankful. I give all the credit to God."

* via the Dan Patrick Show