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Two Dallas Cowboys players had personal information leaked online by disgruntled fans on social media following the team's 31-10 Week 15 loss to the Buffalo Bills, according to a report by the Dallas Morning News. Safety Jayron Kearse had his home address posted on X, while fellow safety Juanyeh Thomas had his phone number posted.

Kearse and Thomas were both the subject of fan anger following Dallas' loss to Buffalo, which saw the Bills use their running game to manhandle what had been a vaunted Dallas defense. Some fan derision was prompted by a post from Kearse questioning why he was flagged for a penalty, with fans responding negatively that he played poorly.

After Thomas stepped in to defend Kearse, fans posted the home address of Kearse and the phone number of Thomas. Both posts were later deleted, as was an angry response by Thomas -- who told the Dallas Morning News that had to change his number.

"I can take criticism," said Thomas, who conceded that he missed three tackles against the Bills. "But you do cross a line when you start doing dumb stuff like that, for real. It's a line you can't cross when you start sharing people's addresses and numbers and stuff. At the end of the day, this is still a game. People got a life."

Unfortunately, violations of privacy of this nature are not an isolated incident, especially when it comes to the Cowboys. According to the Dallas Morning News, a team official said these types of incidents have been occurring for years.