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The NFC East was the best division in football, compiling a 43-23-2 record and getting three teams into the playoffs. The NFC East had the third-best win percentage for a division in NFL history (.647) since the merger and backed up its claim as the best division in football this postseason.

Thanks to the Dallas Cowboys victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the NFC East have three teams in the divisional round of the playoffs (Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants). The NFC East is the first division since the 2002 realignment to get three teams in the divisional round of the playoffs -- and the first division since 1997 to accomplish this feat.

The 1997 NFC Central had three teams reach the divisional round of the playoffs, but that was back when the league had six divisions of five teams. The Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Minnesota Vikings each advanced to the divisional round that season as four teams from the Central made the postseason (the Buccaneers beat the Detroit Lions in the wild card round). 

Given how good the NFC East was in 2022, it shouldn't be surprising three teams made the divisional round. Only the 2013 NFC West and 2007 NFC South had a better win percentage (.656) than the 2022 NFC East, but the NFC East had more wins than both (43 to 42) thanks to the added 17th game to the season. 

The NFC East controls the divisional round of the playoffs with the 14-win Eagles and the 12-win Cowboys. One of those three NFC East teams is guaranteed to advance to the conference title game -- giving the NFC East its first crack at reaching the Super Bowl since the Eagles in 2017. 

Only fitting that the only division where each member has a Super Bowl championship makes history again.