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Former Pittsburgh Steelers star running back Jerome Bettis is officially a college graduate. "The Bus" returned to Notre Dame decades after leaving the university to finish out his degree from the Mendoza School of Business.

The 50-year-old wants to send a message to everyone that it is never too late to go after a goal and emphasizes the importance of education.

The class of 2022 graduate shared the news on Twitter, writing:

"A promise made, a promise kept. 28 years after leaving @NotreDame, I've completed my degree from the Mendoza School of Business. I hope my journey serves as reminder that education is the true equalizer in life and it is never too late to start."

The "promise" Bettis speaks of is one to his mother, who he told he would graduate college. 

When he first went back to school, he commented on his reasoning for why he decided to go back and pursue his degree.

"I promised my mother that I would get my degree. In my immediate family, I'll be the first person to graduate from college," he said. "But most importantly, I have two children. For them to see dad finish a commitment that he set out some 27 years ago, for me to complete that, I think it says a lot to them."

Embarrassing defenses seemed like second nature to The Bus, but college presented new challenges, especially after being away from the classroom for so long.

"It is so strange. Because I'm so behind the times. I mean, I'm a dinosaur in the sense of school. I don't know where anything is. I'm struggling with the technology," he said

Those at Notre Dame know the Hall of Famer getting his degree sends a positive message to others at the school.

"I say to all our coaches that there are three things we should be concerned about versus integrity: Do things the right way, second is help these kids get a degree and do well in their lives, and the third is winning on the field," Notre Dame president Father John Jenkins said. "And Jerome getting a degree after all his success just underscores how important that is."

File this one as: Things you love to see.