The NFL saw less injuries in 2022 than they did in 2021, with the total amount down 5.6 percent, according to NFL Media. As far as concussions go, however, that number was up, with 23 more concussions in 2023 than in 2022. Specifically concussions in quarterbacks increased.

Head injuries have been a major topic across the league for many years, as increased studies continue to show how dangerous they can be to a person. The NFL has made some changes in an effort to make the game safer, such as the emphasis on no helmet-to-helmet contact, but concussions are still very prevalent in the game, something that is only further emphasized by the increased number this year.

The report did offer some positive statistics surrounding head injuries, saying there was no increase in the number of players who suffered multiple concussions. The league has been working on identifying concussions earlier so players exit the game without further aggravating or making the injury worse. The NFL's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Allen Sills says a main focus on concussion prevention is getting the "head out of the game."

With head injuries a major focus, evaluations and concussion tests are done at a higher rate than before. The league said they are doing more in-game concussion evaluations than in the past and the number of medical timeouts taken nearly doubled.

To address the increase in quarterback concussions, the NFL is interested in exploring a potential quarterback specific helmet, which they believe manufacturers are close to creating.

Injuries happen more on punts than anywhere else, with one in every five concussions and 20 percent of ACL injuries coming on special teams' plays. Given how lopsided injuries on that side of the ball are, this offseason, the league may discuss how to make punts and kickoffs safer.