The Broncos should be thinking long and hard about going to Paxton Lynch as soon as he is healthy enough to start (which could be in the next few weeks). Brock Osweiler ain't doing a damn thing to save your season and Trevor Siemian has showed you who he is and any chance of unlocking the passing game and exploiting things downfield comes with the strong-legged and big-armed youngster.

If nothing else, Lynch forces a linebacker or safety to spy him in the run and pass game and he creates a mismatch or two. The moving pocket will be essential for a weak offensive line that is getting badly exposed lately. I'm not saying Lynch can come close to doing what Deshaun Watson is doing for Houston from a production standpoint, but from a schematic standpoint he'd open some things up and force defenses to account for quadrants of the field that they can ignore now.

Here are some more notes from around the NFL:

Cleveland Browns

Just a reminder that the Browns fired all the veteran scouts who liked Carson Wentz a few months before the 2016 draft after their analytics department had determined the prospect wasn't a top-20 prospect. Yeah, that really happened. Turns out maybe those proven evaluators knew what they were doing. Sounds like that's exactly what the listless and rudderless franchise could use right now.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys offensive line is starting to maul people again. I am still a skeptic on this team, because I don't think the defense can do the job against any team capable of moving the ball, but Ezekiel Elliott is going to go off for a few weeks unless/until he has a serve that suspension. The ground game is ready to soar.

Indianapolis Colts

Believe it or not, scouts I trust are excited about what Barkevious Mingo is doing for the Colts. I know that's a bad defense and I know he's been a bust, but Indy may have found something there.

Philadelphia Eagles

Jim Schwartz might be the hottest coaching candidate when we reach 2018. He did get the Lions to the postseason -- no easy feat -- and he had Buffalo's defense in the top five a few years back and now has the Eagles menacing people on that side of the ball. He'll have his pick of jobs.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Gerald McCoy isn't the reason the Bucs are struggling, but he is suffering. "He's been a lot closer to average than special," said one advance scout who has watched him closely. "When I watch him he's not as explosive as what I've seen in the past." If he is not transcendent, then that weak defense has no chance. That makes me wonder if the Bucs are looking to make some macro-level changes this winter as well. Jameis Winston isn't making strides forward and on the other side of the ball the Bucs are prone to breakdowns and can't get off the field when they do grab a lead.