The New England Patriots, fresh off their amazing comeback victory over the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI, enter the offseason in such good shape from a roster standpoint that it can only lead to more envy from the rest of the NFL.

How do they do it?

They do it with a wizard in coach Bill Belichick, who knows how to finagle a roster and the salary cap, coupled with quarterback Tom Brady covering up any roster limitations with his status as the game's greatest of all time.

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The Patriots head to the offseason with almost $63 million in cap space, among the tops in the NFL in that department. Some will say they have a lot of key free agents to deal with, but the only must-have unrestricted free agent is linebacker Dont'a Hightower. The rest of those free agents can be replaced, although bringing back corner Logan Ryan would make sense.

They also have to give corner Malcolm Butler, a restricted free agent, the high tender. They will then hope a team doesn't try and sign him away with a big deal, although New England could match any offer. They have the cap room.

One more thing: They will get All-World tight end Rob Gronkowski back next season.

Add it all up, and it's why the Patriots are in the top spot in my post-Super Bowl Power Rankings -- and why they are the favorites to win it all again. It truly is a dynasty.

So as your Patriots hate still marinates -- it's that way for many of you -- just remember that they could very well be back to do it all over again a year from now.

Biggest Movers
6 Cardinals
6 Bills
1 Patriots The roster shuffling by this team is unreal. They let key players go and still win. It's a work of art. -- 4-13-0
2 Falcons They will have two new coordinators in 2017, which is always a challenge. But the pieces are there to push for the NFC title again. 1 7-10-0
3 Packers They have to get better on defense if they are to be a Super Bowl team again. They also have to run it better. 4 9-8-0
4 Cowboys They have to figure out what to do with Tony Romo. They also have to find a pass rush. 2 12-5-0
5 Steelers The young defense improved as the season moved along, which is a good sign for 2017. 1 10-7-0
6 Raiders One can only imagine what could have happened if Derek Carr didn't go down. Now they have to build on that season. 3 8-9-0
7 Seahawks Is age and salary cap limitations starting to impact this team? Is the window closing? 1 9-8-0
8 Giants The defense made big strides in 2016. Now the offense needs to get back to being consistent -- and they have to run it better. -- 6-11-0
9 Chiefs They have some key free-agent decisions on safety Eric Berry and nose tackle Dontari Poe coming up. 4 11-6-0
10 Broncos The new staff, led by coach Vance Joseph, has to settle on a quarterback if indeed they are staying in-house. Why not Tony Romo? 2 8-9-0
11 Buccaneers Dirk Koetter did a nice job in his first season. Now they just need to add some pieces on defense and they can be a playoff team. 3 9-8-0
12 Dolphins It's all about the health of quarterback Ryan Tannehill. If he's ready to go, they can again be a playoff team. They do need help on defense. 2 11-6-0
13 Lions If they are to push for more than a playoff spot, two things have to get better: Pass rush on defense and running the football on offense. 2 12-5-0
14 Ravens There is a young foundation to build on for this team. They have a key free agent in nose Brandon Williams. 1 13-4-0
15 Texans Is Brock Osweiler the guy in 2017? Or do they make a run at Romo? -- 10-7-0
16 Cardinals They were at top-10 team in both offense and defense last season and failed to make the playoffs. They will be a playoff contender again with Carson Palmer back. 6 4-13-0
17 Titans They will again be a tough, physical team, but are they explosive enough on offense to win in this wide-open NFL? 1 6-11-0
18 Commanders It's an offseason all about Kirk Cousins. Does he get a long-term deal or is it another year playing under the franchise tag? 1 4-13-0
19 Panthers They had a major Super Bowl hangover, but they will bounce back in 2017. One problem: The division is a lot tougher now. 4 2-15-0
20 Colts Chuck Pagano is back as coach, but there's a new general manager in Chris Ballard. That means Pagano has to win in 2017. 2 9-8-0
21 Vikings Injuries crippled them last season, so getting players back will be big. They have questions about quarterback Teddy Bridgewater -- who reportedly could miss the entire 2017 season -- and running back Adrian Peterson (salary). 2 7-10-0
22 Bengals They got off to a bad start last season and never recovered. I would expect them to bounce back. 2 9-8-0
23 Chargers They're in a new city (Los Angeles), led by a new coach (Anthony Lynn) but still have the same quarterback (Philip Rivers), with the latter a good thing. They lost a lot of close games last season. 2 5-12-0
24 Saints Drew Brees and Sean Payton are both back, which Saints fans have to love. Now it's time for the duo to make another playoff push. 3 9-8-0
25 Eagles They have to be encouraged by what they saw from rookie Carson Wentz last season. He does need more weapons. 1 11-6-0
26 Bills Who plays quarterback for new coach Sean McDermott? Is Cardale Jones the guy? Is he close to being ready? 6 11-6-0
27 Jets Here's yet another team that has nothing settled at quarterback. Until they fix it, nothing else matters. -- 7-10-0
28 Rams I like new coach Sean McVay, but he has to make the offense to a much higher level. Jared Goff has a long way to go. -- 10-7-0
29 Bears Do they make the big play to get Jimmy Garoppolo to play quarterback? John Fox is clearly on the hot seat entering the coming season. -- 7-10-0
30 Jaguars The biggest question is the dynamic inside the building: How can Tom Coughlin and Doug Marrone co-exist? -- 9-8-0
31 49ers New coach Kyle Shanahan faces a tough challenge in 2017. Who plays quarterback? -- 12-5-0
32 Browns There are some young players to build around. One problem: They don't have a quarterback. Is this the team that trades for Garoppolo? -- 11-6-0