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Two years after allowing a second helmet option, the NFL has announced that teams can now have a third helmet option starting in 2025 (via NFL Media). Teams that are currently going through a redesign option had already been given a third helmet option for the 2025 season. Every team has now been given that same option. 

In a memo to teams, the NFL stated that the goal behind the third helmet option is to increase "the overall club flexibility." Clubs that want to add a third helmet design must do so by May 1, 2025. 

Included in the memo are guidelines regarding when and how teams can use alternative helmets moving forward. They can only be worn together with one of the team's "authorized optimal uniforms," such as a color rush, classic or alternative uniform. If an alternate color helmet is paired with a classic uniform, the helmet colors and designs must be historically compatible. 

Furthermore, alternative color helmets must be worn in practice for at least the week leading up until the game in which they will be used. 

Rest assured that teams will quickly begin the process of developing a third helmet, if they haven't started already. Nearly two-thirds of NFL teams wore an alternative helmet in 2023, a year after the league expanded helmet flexibility.