Dear Russell Wilson,

I am writing this to inform you that my opinion about your game is no longer valid. Or let me try and say it this way: I was … wr ... wro ... wrong about you.

See, I can say it.

For the early part of your career, you were a good quarterback who was capable of incredible moments. You were fun to watch, but there were also limitations, which some didn't want to see. I had a tendency to point them out more than others, which labeled me a Russell Wilson hater, which wasn't close to the truth.

Anyway, the reason for this letter is an apology. You are a special player. Maybe the way you do things isn't always conventional -- even if you have improved in every facet of playing the position -- but it's no longer valid to say you aren't a special player. What you have done the past two years, without the luxury of a great defense to carry the team, has convinced me that you are indeed one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

This season, your Seattle Seahawks are going to the playoffs, and you are a big reason why. MVP consideration should be coming your way. This was supposed to be a rebuilding year for the Seahawks, but your outstanding play has your team back in the postseason.

It has the Seahawks up to No. 10 here in my Power Rankings, but it also has you rising up lists featuring the best quarterbacks in the league. My list -- the one that matters to me -- has you moving to the top 5-7 in the league.

So I hope you accept this apology for my football stubbornness. You truly are a special player -- even if it took me a long time to see it.

Biggest Movers
7 Falcons
7 Steelers
1 Saints The playoffs go through New Orleans in the NFC. They will be tough to beat. -- 9-8-0
2 Rams They have to win this week to lock up a first-round bye. They will. 1 10-7-0
3 Chiefs They have lost two straight, but need just a victory over the Raiders to lock up the top seed in the AFC. 1 11-6-0
4 Bears It wasn't pretty against the 49ers, but they found a way. The offense has to be better going forward. 1 7-10-0
5 Patriots With one more victory, they will earn a bye in the AFC. Ho-hum, they did it again. 1 4-13-0
6 Ravens With that defense, they can make a real run. Lamar Jackson is improving as a passer as well. 6 13-4-0
7 Chargers They will now likely have to travel the road path to win in the playoffs. That won't be easy. 5 5-12-0
8 Colts If they beat the Titans, they are in the playoffs. Andrew Luck has to come up big. 1 9-8-0
9 Cowboys They are division champs and can rest now until the playoffs. The defense came up big against the Bucs. 1 12-5-0
10 Seahawks This will be a dangerous team come playoff time. They've been through it before and that defense is getting better. 1 9-8-0
11 Texans They need to beat the Jaguars this week to lock up the division title. That won't be as easy as you might think. 4 10-7-0
12 Vikings If they beat the Bears this week, they are in the playoffs. If not, they might be home. 1 7-10-0
13 Titans They are in a win-and-they-are-in situation. Will Marcus Mariota play against the Colts? 1 6-11-0
14 Eagles Nick Foles has come to the rescue again. If they beat the Redskins and the Vikings lose, they are in the playoffs. 1 11-6-0
15 Steelers It's hard to believe they need a victory this week and help to even make the playoffs. It just doesn't seem right. 7 10-7-0
16 Browns If they beat the Ravens this week, they will finish with a winning record. Do they keep Gregg Williams if that happens? -- 11-6-0
17 Packers Aaron Rodgers looked like the player of old against the Jets. That's a good sign for next season. 5 9-8-0
18 Commanders The injuries just crippled this team in 2018. Even so, they are still fighting. 5 4-13-0
19 Falcons Dan Quinn is coming back next year, but what changes are coming to his staff? 7 7-10-0
20 Dolphins Will this week's game in Buffalo be the last for coach Adam Gase? It shouldn't be. 3 11-6-0
21 Broncos This is the end for Vance Joseph. This thing went bad down the stretch, which is not a good look. 3 8-9-0
22 Giants Eli Manning has played well enough to be the quarterback in 2019. Deal with it, Giants fans. 3 6-11-0
23 Panthers Things looked so good six weeks ago, but they collapsed down the stretch. Ron Rivera is likely coming back, though. 3 2-15-0
24 Bengals Is this week's game the last for Marvin Lewis as coach? Does he go upstairs? 3 9-8-0
25 Bills They have to get help for Josh Allen on offense. There isn't much there right now. 1 11-6-0
26 Lions It's been a tough first season for coach Matt Patricia. But he should be back to try and fix it. 1 12-5-0
27 49ers They are competing every week, which is a heck of a sign for 2019. Kyle Shanahan has this team moving in the right direction. -- 12-5-0
28 Jaguars This long, disappointing season has one more game left. Then what changes will be coming? 2 9-8-0
29 Buccaneers There is some talk the coaching staff could come back. I would be shocked. 1 9-8-0
30 Raiders They showed up in what could be their last game in Oakland Monday night. There are some young players to build around on that roster. 1 8-9-0
31 Jets Sam Darnold gives this team a lot of hope for next year. The new coach has to be excited about that. -- 7-10-0
32 Cardinals This team is bad right now and barely even competing. It looks like a coaching change is coming. -- 4-13-0