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Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is having a big February. Earlier in the month, he won his first Super Bowl when the Los Angeles Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals. His February continues to be one to remember, with the announcement of his first child being born.

Beckham shared that he and his girlfriend Lauren Wood welcomed their first child together on Feb. 17, 2022. The baby boy, named Zydn, arrived just four days after Beckham's team took home the Lombardi Trophy.

Beckham shared a lengthy Instagram post about the week that changed his life.

In the photos Beckham is seen with Wood and their son, with Beckham in a leg brace. The carousel of photos also featured his manifestations of winning Super Bowl LVI. 

"Man man man. Where do I even begin? This is as real as it gets," Beckham wrote. "This last week has been one that I truly could never forget... 2-17-22, 0605. THE biggest blessing I've ever had in my life arrived here on earth! The words, I can't even put together for the overwhelming emotions that ran thru me … a moment I will never forget and cherish forever. Zydn was born n at that moment I knew my life changed for the better.

"Lauren Wood, u changed my life forever and delivered the most beautiful gift of all… EFFORTLESSLY! Ur strength throughout this gives me the courage to keep goin because i now kno with u by my side and holding it down for me, I can get thru anything."

The leg brace in the photos is a result of Beckham going down with an injury during the Super Bowl. He announced in the post that he had surgery on Feb. 22. 

"I kno yall probably tired of hearing me say this every year now 'this my year' BUT IM GON BE BACK!!! U better believe imma be back , and imma be back better than ever before," he wrote.