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In February, shortly after winning the Super Bowl with the Los Angeles Rams, wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and his girlfriend Lauren Wood welcomed their first child together. The two had a son named Zydn, and even though he is less than three months old, Beckham is making sure he knows the fundamentals of football.

Beckham is seen holding his son, giving the baby a football to run some drills. The 29-year-old says to Zydn, "You drop a ball, you run a mile," getting some laughs from those behind the camera.

Beckham covered Zydn's face in the video.

OBJ has been open about fatherhood on social media.

In March, he wrote, "As if I needed more motivation. Ima make my son proud asf when I'm done wit all this, from what I did on the field, to the way I handled all the other Shxt that came wit it. Zydn…son I love u… and daddy gone make u proud. I mean tht."

He has also shared some of the tougher moments, talking about early wake-ups from their bundle of joy.

"Gottta love fatherhood man!!!! Nothin better than 5/6 am and ur sons tellllin u about everything he seeen in his dream or every thought he's havin at the moment," he tweeted. 

Where OBJ will be playing next year is still unknown. He injured his knee in the Super Bowl against the Cincinnati Bengals and is expected to miss some of the 2022 season, which could impact the free agency.