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"Odell Beckham Jr. Watch" is ongoing, as we wait to see where the former first-round pick will land in the NFL. He has visited many teams throughout the year and some franchises have made their desire to sign the wide receiver public.

Of course, those franchises that are interested in Beckham -- the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants may be putting their Beckham plans on hold. CBS Sports NFL Insider Josina Anderson is reporting the Cowboys and Beckham are at a standstill as Dallas is "figuring out what's best for (the team) now & in future years." Beckham is also "figuring out what's best now and in future years."

Per Anderson, the Giants are keeping their offer to Beckham the same. Another team is also involved in the Beckham pursuit, as the Baltimore Ravens put their end-of-week visit on hold while Beckham Jr. regroups and stays connected with the team. 

Essentially, Beckham appears no where near close toward signing with a team or his market isn't as strong as he once thought. 

Beckham certainly didn't help matters earlier this week. While appearing on "The Shop," Beckham was asked if he's already decided on a team, and if he's ready to play after tearing his ACL 10 months ago in the Super Bowl. 

"I haven't made the decision, and for me it's like, I would like to be in a stable environment, get up [at] 6 a.m., leave at 6 p.m. for four weeks and then let's talk about it," Beckham said. "I've played football for a long time. I'm not saying that I couldn't step in and play regular season, but I don't see the point. I really don't. I'd rather play when that pressure's on. I'd rather play when the lights [are] on. I went through the whole playoffs and after having my first bad playoff experience, all I was ready for was to clear that off my name."

Whether or not a team will comply with his ask is another story and whether or not he is even healthy enough to play in the regular season is also a question mark. Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons says Beckham told him that he could be ready in five weeks, which puts him in position to play in the playoffs. Beckham may not be ready to play until "mid-January," according to ESPN, which would be around the time of the conference championships.

Beckham is coming off a severe injury, and at 30 years old, how he will bounce back is still unknown. Whether he will get a chance at some point soon is up in the air.