It's June in the NFL so take everything with a grain of salt, but the early returns out of Philadelphia should have Eagles fans pretty excited about their rookie quarterback Carson Wentz.

Everyone is still saying Sam Bradford is the starter and it will probably be the case up until the start of the season. But offensive coordinator Frank Reich made it quite clear during a Sirius XM interview just how much the team likes Wentz.

After Reich said the Eagles have a "pretty dynamic [quarterback] room" with "three good guys," phrases like "dominant athlete" and "aptitude off the charts" were bandied about with respect to Wentz.

"Carson, he's very smart, he picks everything up very fast," Reich said. "And physically he's a dominant athlete for the position."

But the next answer was the key: asked whether Wentz was "farther along" than most rookies, Reich didn't flinch, pointing out just how well he's progressing and saying he is "absolutely" ahead of the curve.

"Absolutely. That's one of the reasons why we picked this guy. His aptitude is off the charts. I'm not sure I've been around a guy who's has this high of an aptitude as him at this age," Reich said. "It's really, really good and then he has the work ethic to go along with it. But he also has a maturity and a class about him to understand his role and understand he's got to earn his stripes and he's doing that. And he's got a great attitude about it."

There are many reasons these comments are interesting. For one, it's huge for the Eagles to be pleased with their investment. You don't want to spend a ton on a quarterback to draft him No. 2 overall and watch him struggle to acclimate to the NFL out of the gates. It happens, but it's disturbing.

More importantly, the idea of Wentz being ahead of the curve certainly lends to the notion of Philadelphia using Sam Bradford and/or Chase Daniel as perhaps just a bridge option in 2016. Bradford's being paid like a starter (at least for one year) and Daniel is paid a lot for a backup, but if Wentz is ahead of the curve and Bradford/Daniel can't put the Eagles in contention, it's not hard to imagine the Eagles wanting Wentz to see some action in 2016.

They're going to be patient, but sometimes it's hard not to drive a brand new car.

There's also the Doug Pederson factor in play. The Eagles coach was the bridge quarterback for Donovan McNabb, starting over half a season for the Eagles after they selected the Syracuse quarterback in 1999. Pederson went 2-7 for Andy Reid before ceding the job to McNabb; he certainly hopes his team doesn't have the same lack of success, but it wouldn't be surprising at all if Philly tossed Wentz into the fire early.

June is bright and full of happiness in the NFL but it's worth noting how pleased these coaches are with a rookie quarterback this early in the process.