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Bill Belichick may no longer be a part of the New England Patriots, yet there is still one Belichick who remains on the staff. Belichick's son, Steve, moved on to the University of Washington after the Pats and his father parted ways. Brian Belichick decided to return and join Jerod Mayo's staff when the new head coach wanted to retain Belichick.

"True professional. Anytime you see your dad and your brother go somewhere else, the natural thing would be to go with them. But he is a New Englander. He is a Patriot. I am happy to have him," Mayo said Monday, via a team transcript. "I know DeMarcus [Patriots defensive coordinator DeMarcus Covington] is happy to have him as well."

Brian Belichick will be entering his ninth season with the Patriots. He started with the team as a scouting assistant (2016) and coaching assistant (2017-19) before taking over the safeties coach position in 2020. He'll remain in New England at the same position under Covington.

Under Belichick, the Patriots have been third in opponent's passer rating since 2020 (83.2). They're the only team with 70 interceptions over that span and are tied for fifth in fewest pass touchdowns allowed (90). The 6.8 yards per attempt allowed is also fifth in the league. 

While the Patriots haven't had any Pro Bowlers or first team All-Pros at safety under Brian Belichick, the secondary has been highly respected around the league. Belichick is looking to forge his own path in New England, while his father and brother are taking different roads in their careers. 

"I think he is a great coach, and I still think he has room to grow," Mayo said. "He has really taken it by the horns and worked on his development. So, excited to have him."