New England Patriots kicker Justin Rohrwasser has removed the "Three Percenters" tattoo he had on his arm that caused controversy after he was drafted in April, TMZ Sports reports. When Rohrwasser was selected with 159th pick at the draft, the tattoo received a lot of attention and he vowed "cover up" the image.

According to TMZ, after the photos of the tattoo hit the internet and Rohrwasser started receiving backlash for it, he began the process of removing the ink. The Three Percenters group -- a right-wing militia named after the roughly 3 percent of colonists who took up arms against the British -- was founded in 2008. The group pushes back on the anti-government label, but says "we will defend ourselves when necessary" and resist what they perceive to be government infringement on the constitution.

Back in April, Rohrwasser spoke with CBS Sports Boston about his plan regarding the tattoo:

"As soon as I saw what it was linked to on Saturday, it was exactly that time I knew I had to get it totally taken off my body. I said cover it up [to reporters], but I want to get it removed from my body. It's shameful that I had it on there ignorantly. I'm sorry for all my family that have to defend me. Putting them in that compromising position is one of the biggest regrets I'll ever have, so to them, I'm sorry. I'm going to learn from this."

The 23-year-old said he got the image when he was 18 and was unaware of the message. He says he thought it was in support of the military. 

Rohrwasser was named Conference USA Special Teams Player of the Year in 2019 after converting 18 of 21 field goals with a long of 53 yards, while going 35 of 36 on extra points. He joins the Patriots after the team released long-time kicker Stephen Gostkowski in 2019.