The true dregs of the offseason are nearly over -- we can finally stop discussing Kirk Cousins grilling techniques and move on to actual football -- but fortunately we had the chance to land some pretty strong interviews from Nike's The Opening in Dallas recently. We'll run more of them next week but for your Friday listening pleasure, Willie McGinest of the NFL Network (and a former Patriots star) joined the Pick Six Podcast -- it's a daily NFL show, subscribe here: via iTunes | via Stitcher | via TuneIn | via Google Play -- for a brief interview discussing Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

McGinest actually said he sees Brady retiring after he wins his next Super Bowl, walking off in true legendary fashion.

"I want to say when he wins his next Super Bowl," McGinest said when asked what age he sees Brady retiring.

Would his coach walk off with him? Not likely. 

"Belichick's winning, man. It's hard to walk away from what he has," McGinest said. "He's done so much for that organization. It'll never be duplicated."

McGinest also touched on whether Josh McDaniels would be a good fit as the next head coach and how Brady's approach to diet and training have allowed him to play well as he aged.

Also on the show today are interviews with Tyler Luckey and Jeff Rogers of Nike -- both guys work on the uniform side of things. Luckey is at the forefront of working with football cleats. What was fascinating to me was seeing the different ways in which Nike creates cleats for certain types of football players. The Vapor cleats worn by skill position guys, designed to be light and give maximum speed, are totally different than the cleats worn by offensive linemen in the trenches. 

On the uniform front, Rogers pointed out that much of the NFL could be wearing jerseys made of recycled materials by the year 2020. They're currently testing recycled jerseys and the performance has been really impressive. There are obvious "make the Earth better" benefits to using recycled materials, but Nike has seen on-field performance benefits as well. 

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