Richie Incognito's recent actions at a funeral home were detailed in a police report. USATSI

The latest Richie Incognito saga continues to take darker twist at each turn, with new information being revealed. The latest piece of information, stemming from Incognito's run-in at a funeral home, is the darkest: the former Bills offensive lineman wanted to cut his deceased father's head off. 

Incognito was detained and arrested at a Scottsdale, Arizona funeral home, where his father's funeral was being held earlier this week. At various points of his time at the funeral home, he threatened to return to his car, get guns out of the car and shoot employees of the funeral home if they didn't allow him access to the proceedings and his father's body.

Police did find firearms in his truck when they arrived.

The police report also contained a piece of information, per the Democrat and Chronicle, that Incognito wanted to cut off his dead father's head in order to research what was inside.

According to a copy of the arrest report, Employees of Messingers Pinnacle Peak Mortuary told Scottsdale police that the former Pro Bowler said he wanted his father's head cut off for research purposes and that he walked through the funeral home punching caskets and throwing things.

Witnesses told police that Incognito was supposed to sign cremation papers, but was unwilling to cooperate initially. He then proceeded to walk through the funeral home punching caskets and throwing things. After "making himself comfortable" in the office of one of the victims, Incognito wanted to buy flowers for the funeral and everything they had before offering them his credit card.

If one were to make a logical conclusion -- and perhaps this is not the time to mess around in the murky waters of logic -- one could assume that Incognito is dealing with some severe mental issues. Perhaps others have blamed those issues on football. Perhaps Incognito has blamed them on football. Or perhaps he believes his issues could be genetics, which might explain why he wants his father's head to be used for research.

Objectively speaking, Incognito's behavior over the last few years has been concerning, since his time with the Miami Dolphins ended amid the ugly BullyGate scandal. It appeared he got his life back in order while playing for the Bills, but since walking away from football last year, Incognito has repeatedly been involved in very odd and very concerning situations. 

There was an incident at a gym earlier this year, when Incognito appeared to believe he was a member of the National Security Agency and started throwing weights and other large items at another patron. 

Tie it all together and it is extremely concerning not just for Incognito's safety but the safety of those around him, and the safety of the general public when he is out roaming the streets. Anyone threatening to open fire on a funeral home because they won't let him cut his dead father's head off for research needs to be monitored closely. 

Hopefully such scrutiny can lead to Incognito getting the help he clearly needs.