The Raiders continue to investigate contingencies should they end up leaving Oakland prior to completion of the construction of their new stadium in Las Vegas, including at least a very preliminary overture to San Diego officials, league sources said.

There has been some contact between the team and the mayor's office there, though the likelihood of them ever playing an interim game there – much less a full season – is very remote. In the past, the Raiders and the NFL did site reports on aging Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas as a potential temporary home for the franchise, which is facing a possible lawsuit in Oakland. The team currently has a lease in Oakland through only this season.

The Raiders have been in talks with Oakland officials for months and at various points have been viewed as closing in on an extension – there was a meeting between the team and the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority on Friday – but things have turned contentious at times as well, and the municipality could demand a major rent hike and other concessions. And, with the threat of a lawsuit seeking to prevent the Raiders from relocating, the team could opt to leave sooner.

Hence the overtures with San Diego. However, such a move would face significant resistance from the two teams already playing in Southern California and seeking to tap into the San Diego market – the Rams and Chargers – and many in the league office doubt Mark Davis' team will ever be allowed to play there as those other two franchises are just starting to sell tickets.

However, numerous league sources continue to point to Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara as the most obvious potential short-term landing spot for myriad reasons. The 49ers would not be immediately inclined to share their stadium, but it makes the most sense for numerous logistical and geographical reasons and many believe there is a possible one or two-year deal to be struck there, should the Raiders no longer play in the O.Co Coliseum on an interim basis beyond 2018.