The Redskins' season is already taking a turn for the worse. Washington isn't just 0-2 after dropping a home game to the Cowboys in Week 2. They're also dealing with some early locker-room dissension.

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, several players on Washington's offense have "begun to complain" about quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Those players are reportedly "pointing to a lack of decisiveness, erratic play and confusion."

Cousins once again ended up with decent stats on the day, completing 60 percent of his passes and averaging more than 7.9 yards per passing attempt.

But he threw a brutal red-zone pick that set up a long Dallas drive for an Alfred Morris touchdown run, which ultimately ended up winning the game for the Cowboys. The Redskins couldn't execute against an average defense once they got past midfield.

Washington coach Jay Gruden made it clear there are some issues.

We'll work to do whatever we can to fix it, that's for sure. We're going to get back to the grind," Gruden said. "We've got the New York Giants as soon as we leave here, so he can watch the tape, find out what's going on if he's not sure what the indecision might be, why he's missing some throws, but you know, it's a tough game. He's got people around his feet. He's got to make some tough throws and usually ones he would normally hit but he missed a few today. We'll coach him up."

Gruden also admitted you "can't put it all on Kirk," but it's clear he thinks his quarterback needs to elevate his play. Cousins wouldn't disagree.

"Yeah, I think this is a quarterback-driven league," Cousins said. "I think on our team, I need to play at a high level week-in and week-out, and I don't think that is any mystery. You mention that quote as if it's surprising or determines something, and I would say that's common sense."

There's a reason the Redskins didn't pay Cousins this offseason. They wanted to see him produce again in 2016. Thus far on the year he's got three interceptions and just one touchdown pass. He's not playing well, and it's beginning to become a public issue.

If the Redskins keep losing, don't expect anyone to stop talking about the highest-profile position on the team either.