Does Camille Kostek cook, clean, make big cash, stay at home and let Rob Gronkowski do whatever he wants? If not it's hard to imagine Gronk is actually dating her.

But that's what TMZ tells us. According to the gossip site, the Patriots tight end is dating the former Patriots cheerleader. 

TMZ says Kostek is out as a Pats cheerleader and is now working in the sports-media industry. A picture of her on the set of a local sports station seems to confirm as much.

The two have been spotted frequently and TMZ has sources, etc. Love is wonderful and if you can hop on for the summer of Gronk before it begins, you should definitely take that opportunity and ride it out.

Just remember that wild Gronks can't be tamed. 

Gronk's reported girlfried Camille Kostek. (via Instagram)