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Could Rob Gronkowski be back on the football field soon? Well, probably not, but there is one coach who could maybe get the tight end back in a helmet.

While speaking to Kay Adams Wednesday on "Up & Adams," the retired player said, "[New York Giants head coach] Brian Daboll wants me on his roster, I know it."

The 34-year-old said even though he likes to think he could still compete on a roster, the reality is a bit different.

"I love to pretend that I can still play. It makes me feel good. But no, I can't – I'm washed up. But I just like to pretend," Gronkowski said.

Gronk was then asked who has the best chance to get him to consider coming out of retirement (for a second time).

"Brian Daboll," the New York native replied. 

So ... you're saying there's a chance? Again, not exactly.

"He can't get me out of retirement, but he would have the best chance to get me out of retirement," the four-time Super Bowl champion clarified.

Here's what Daboll had to say on Monday when told about Gronkowski's comments: "I'm close with Rob, so got a lot of respect, admiration. Coached him for four years. He's a good friend. We've talked, I'm not saying we talked about that, but he's a close friend. When you coach someone for four years and he's a very productive player for you and really a good person. ... Wouldn't read too much into that."

Gronk's first time coming out of retirement was thanks to his former quarterback Tom Brady, whom he joined on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020. Gronkowski initially retired in 2019 after nine seasons. The Patriots traded Gronk to the Bucs in April 2020.

A second unretiring is very unlikely, though the topic somehow keeps coming up in discussions with Gronkowski.

When asked about the chance to play alongside Darren Waller, Gronk did seem intrigued. He noted that having two tight ends elevates an offense in a unique way.

"That would be pretty wild," Gronkowski said. "I always believe that having two tight ends; it makes the defense have the most difficult times. If you have two tight ends, I think that could make the offense unstoppable. And it's rare if you go back to my days when I had another tight end with me, it just makes the offense prolific, unstoppable, it gives you so many more options in the run game and the pass game and play action."

In his career, Gronk played in 142 regular-season games, with 621 receptions, 9,286 yards, 92 touchdowns and set records like most receptions by a tight end in a Super Bowl (23), most receiving yards by a tight end in a Super Bowl (297) and was also the first tight end with 1,000-plus postseason receiving yards. He also was a four-time first-team All-Pro, a five-time Pro Bowler and was named Comeback Player of the Year in 2014.