Numerous sources reiterate that Roger Goodell's new contract is done as a practical matter and that Jerry Jones' effort to "hijack" the process in a conference call among some owners on Thursday is not feasible. Sources also believe the Ezekiel Elliott suspension is a significant factor in Jones' ongoing battle with the league office and doubt he he has anything close to 16 other owners in his corner. 

Some of the owners participating in the call on Thursday were unaware it was going to be centered on Goodell and many of them support making big changes to the league office.  We have reported extensively on concerns about people like Jeff Pash, Troy Vincent, and the overall payroll being spent on Park Ave. -- but in no way support an idea of changing commissioners now, especially with a labor negotiation looming in 2021.

"That article leaves the inference that 17 want Roger out but I know most on the call may want some changes at the league staff but NOT Roger," communicated one ownership source. "Meaning they want Roger to stay but want some guys out and want more talented people brought in" at the league office.

There have been differing accounts of Roger Goodell's contract extension in the media, but the reality is the language on the commissioner's extension with the NFL is finalized. "The deal is done," according to a source with direct knowledge of the situation, and no owner is delaying the matter.

Jerry Jones and some other owners are displeased with how the league office has handled the mounting turmoil associated with players demonstrating during the national anthem, but the negotiations between the league's Compensation Committee of owners and Goodell have been complete for weeks and the matter is closed. Goodell's extension is complete, but, given the highly-charged political climate in this country and Donald Trump's propensity to lash out at the NFL, neither side is pushing the matter of announcing the deal now.

Some in the league office expect that a formal announcement might not come until the week of the Super Bowl, when Goodell gives an annual state of the league press conference. At this point, coming out of last week's owner's meeting, which included a lengthy session with players and NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith, the NFL is trying to turn attention away from the protests and anything that might bring more negative attention to the league, and therefore it makes no sense to engage on the commissioner's new contract right now.

The Compensation Committee has been entrusted with negotiating a new deal with Goodell since a vote was taken on the matter at the annual NFL meeting in March, and at that point no further communication was required from owners not on that committee to formalize a deal with him. Jones has played no role in that matter. Goodell's new deal with the NFL will run until 2024. Some of the final issues dealing with Goodell's pension and future payments were put to bed weeks ago, when the process of lawyers drawing up the final document of the contract began.