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Things got heated on the Denver Broncos sideline Saturday night when an animated Sean Payton appeared angry at quarterback Russell Wilson. The exchange took place after an offsides penalty negated a touchdown in the third quarter, with the Broncos down 28-7 to the Detroit Lions

You cannot hear what the head coach is saying to his quarterback, but he does not look happy. Wilson did not react to whatever Payton was saying to him.

After the Broncos' 42-17 loss, Payton would not reveal what was said when asked about the sideline moment. "What I talk with Russell about is none of your business," Payton said, via NBC Sports. Wilson was also asked about what took place and whether he thinks Payton still has faith in him as Denver's starting quarterback.

"Yeah, I mean, of course," Wilson said, via NBC Sports. "I think the biggest thing is we're trying to score a touchdown there. I think we all want to score there. I think that's our focus and that's -- you want a coach that's passionate. We want players that are, too, and everything else. And so, we wanted to score a touchdown. I think my biggest thing is always trying to focus on the next play and unfortunately, those few plays, we didn't get the touchdowns there, so that was the only unfortunate part about that part."

Wilson noted that the loss was frustrating, especially when you get to the opponents' 1-yard line and don't end up in the end zone.

"Yeah, I mean, obviously, we wanted to score on that drive," Wilson said. "Unfortunately, we didn't. I think, more than anything else, we're just frustrated we didn't score there, because we were going to make that 28-14. Obviously, they end up stopping us, and that was the really, honestly, the disappointing part, because of that play where [fullback Michael] Burton got in. I think that's just we're a little frustrated."

While we may never know what exactly was said by Payton, it was clear he was not thrilled with what went down. This exchange could be a sign of a bigger issue in Denver. As the offseason gets closer, conversations of Wilson's future with the Broncos will increase.

The loss put the Broncos at 7-7, drops them to the 11th seed in the AFC playoff picture -- out of the postseason if the season ended today.