The only thing more impressive than the Buccaneers' 27-21 upset win over the Eagles on Sunday was Ryan Fitzpatrick's choice of wardrobe following the game. 

After the win, it looked like Halloween had come early to Tampa, because Fitzpatrick showed up to his press conference dressed like Conor McGregor

As it turns out though, Fitzpatrick wasn't trying to do his best McGregor impression. What actually happened is that Fitzpatrick decided he wanted to change things up for the press conference, so he decided to borrow an outfit from one of his teammates. 

That teammate? DeSean Jackson

Here's Jackson wearing the same exact outfit on his way into Raymond James Stadium on Sunday. 

I know what you're thinking, "If Fitzpatrick was wearing Jackson's clothes, then what was Jackson wearing?" And that's a great question. Apparently, the answer is nothing. 

Fitzpatrick actually had to cut his press conference short after the game because Jackson needed his clothes back. 

"I got like two more [questions], because [DeSean] needs his stuff back," Fitzpatrick said. "I borrowed your stuff, sorry, DeSean."

As you can see below, since Fitzpatrick was wearing the wide receiver's clothes, Jackson was half-naked during the press conference. 

After reporters realized that the clothes belonged to Jackson, Fitzpatrick was asked if any of the wardrobe belonged to him and he gave possibly the best answer to any postgame question ever.

"The chest hair is mine," Fitzpatrick said.

If Fitzpatrick looks like he's having fun, that's probably because he is. The Buccaneers quarterback threw for 402 yards and four touchdowns in Tampa's stunning win over the Eagles. When you combine that with his performance from Week 1 (417 yards, four touchdowns), Fitzpatrick is now the only player in NFL history to start off season with two games where he throws for 400 or more yards with four touchdown passes in each game. 

Jackson was probably more than happy to let Fitzmagic borrow his clothes on Sunday and that's because DeSean has caught fire with Fitzpatrick under center. After racking up 146 yards and two touchdowns against the Saints in Week 1, Jackson added 129 yards and a touchdown against the Eagles. Overall, Jackson has caught five total touchdowns from Fitzpatrick since the beginning of the 2017 season, which is slightly more than he's caught from Jameis Winston

The Bucs' fun tour will be headed to primetime in Week 3 as they'll be hosting the Steelers on Monday Night Football