This week the NFL fined Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams $50,000 after Adams, according to the league, "directed verbal remarks and made inappropriate physical contact" with a doctor in the bench area of Seattle's Week 6 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, a league source tells CBS Sports.

In a letter to Adams this week, the league said Adams interfered with orderly administration of the game when the unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant (UNC) was walking with Seahawks wide receiver Jake Bobo to the blue medical tent for evaluation of a concussion.

Bobo had just hauled in a 20-yard pass from Geno Smith when Bengals safety Dax Hill delivered a big hit on Bobo that resulted in a penalty. Bobo was removed from the game for an evaluation but would pass the check and return to the game.

A source tells CBS Sports there is video of the incident which the league reviewed before issuing the fine.

Sunday's incident came after a nationally televised incident earlier in the month on "Monday Night Football" on Oct. 2 when Adams yelled at another independent doctor on the sideline as he was taken for a concussion evaluation.

Adams was ultimately diagnosed with a concussion. And though the NFL weighed fining him then, the league did not punish Adams for his actions while concussed, and he issued a public apology later in the week.

"First and foremost, I want to apologize to the OG. You did everything right when you realized I was concussed, I apologize for any negative energy I brought your way," Adams wrote in early October.

"Watching the replay, I am thankful for your patience knowing I wasn't myself in that moment. You're a real one and you serve a great purpose that benefits the NFL and so many players. Prioritizing player's health is essential. Much respect to you!"

A league source said Adams is not considered a "repeat offender," and the $50,000 fine for Sunday's incident does not take into account the events on Oct. 2.