What happens in Vegas usually stays in Vegas, unless, of course, you lose more than $500,000 betting on the Seahawks, then it will probably leak out. 

The Seahawks' shocking overtime loss to the 49ers on Sunday didn't just keep Seattle from clinching a playoff berth, it also cost one guy some serious money. According to ESPN.com, a bettor at MGM in Vegas was so confident that the Seahawks would win in San Francisco that he placed two money-line bets on Seattle and those bets were worth a total of $569,000. 

The first bet came in at $235,000 and with Seattle's money-line at -230, the bet would have paid out $102,225 if the Seahawks had won ($337,225). The second bet was worth $334,000 and would have paid out $133,600 in winnings ($467,600 total) on a Seattle money-line that was at -250. 

In the end, the bets paid out nothing, because the Seahawks lost 26-23.

The bettor obviously seemed confident in Seattle and there's a good reason for that: Going into Sunday, the Seahawks had won nine regular-season games in a row against the 49ers AND they were playing for a chance to clinch a playoff berth. 

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The worst part of this loss for our gambling friend is that it went into overtime. Basically, not only did he lose $569,000, but he had to sit through five quarters of excruciating football with more than a half million dollars on the line. 

The bettor is probably going to loathe Sebastian Janikowski for the rest of time and that's because the Seahawks kicker made two minor mistakes in the game. Not only did Janikowski miss a first-quarter extra point, but he didn't even try to make the tackle on the ensuing kickoff, which the 49ers returned 97 yards for a touchdown

Janikowski might want to write the guy a small check for giving that kind of effort. 

The good news in the world of gambling is that not everyone lost. One bettor managed to turn $20 into $50,000 over the weekend when he hit a 12-team NFL parlay. 

Ironically enough, it was actually Janikowski who ended up winning $50,000 for the bettor. The final leg of the parlay was the over in the Seahawks-49ers game, which was set at 43.5 points, which means the two teams had to combine for 44 points or more for the guy to win. 

With 5:25 left in the game, the 49ers were leading 23-20 when Janikowski went out to attempt a difficult field goal to tie things up. Not only was the attempt from 48 yards away, but it was pouring rain, which meant there was no guarantee Janikowski was going to make it. In the end, Seabass nailed the kick, which put the game at 46 total points, which won the guy $50,000. 

Sometimes Janikowski giveth and sometimes he taketh away.