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The son of a title-winning Packers player is desperately searching for a lost championship ring from Super Bowl II that might have been lost at a gas station. Mike Kostelnik, son of ex-Packers great Ron Kostelnik, is offering $5,000 as a reward for anyone who can help him get the ring back.

"We don't know what happened to the ring," Mike said, per the Green Bay Press-Gazette. "When we got to Miami, it was gone. I had taken it off my finger. When you wear that ring, it's heavy. If your fingers are swollen in the morning, it's a little hard to carry. So, I know I put it in the console (of the car). My daughter and I just don't know what happened to it."

Mike's daughter, Olivia, wanted to tour Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and they made the trip on Sunday. The only stop that was made was at a BP gas station, which is the place Kostelnik believes it was lost. They were unable to find it at the gas station when they returned. Mike then left his name and number with the BP before calling the police. 

"It's the ring my father wore," Mike said. "A lot of things he went through in life after football were in that ring. It's a ring that I wore during the times I was building my business. So, it's all of the energy and the issues that appear that are in that ring. I felt like it gave me a lot of strength in some very trying times."

Ron Kostelnik played for the Packers from 1961 to 1968 where he won the first two Super Bowls, along with three NFL championships from before the Super Bowl era. Kostelnik was inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame in 1989. He died in 1993 at 53 years old. Upon his death, the Super Bowl I ring went to his daughter, Laura, and the other went to Mike, who notes that his family has been very supportive of him during this tough period.