Spieth is boys with Romo and takes his money. (Getty Images)

Tony Romo is a very good golfer. For a football player. He is not a Masters champion like his friend Jordan Spieth. But for some reason he acts like it when they play.

According to Spieth during an appearance on Jim Rome on Showtime, Romo only asks for "two or three strokes" a side when they play golf. The result is obvious.

"The good news is he doesn’t swallow his pride and take a lot of strokes," Spieth said. "He likes to play maybe like 2 or 3 a side, which means I’m usually on the winning end of that one."

Rome asked the smart follow up, trying to get a number from Spieth, a Dallas native and Cowboys fan, on how much coin he's taken from Romo.

"Ha ha. Oh man. I don’t know. I can’t even count that high," Spieth said jokingly (?). "He’s a good friend and a great competitor so we have fun out there."

Read: so much money you can't even imagine. 

Seriously, though. If Romo isn't willing to take more than 4-6 strokes a round from Spieth, he's going to the cleaners more often than Jerry Jones is restructuring his contract.