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Throwback jerseys have been all the rage this season thanks to the NFL lifting the one-shell rule. The result of the alternate helmet has led to multiple teams bringing back classic uniforms from the 1980s and 1990s that were once beloved by fans.

Turns out their teams are winning in those uniforms, too. 

In one of the weirder quirks this season, NFL teams have won five consecutive games wearing throwback uniforms -- all in Weeks 7 and 8. The New York Giants won in their classic 1980s-90s throwbacks in Week 7 while the Philadelphia Eagles won in their classic 1980s-90s "Kelly Green" throwbacks. In Week 8, the Tennessee Titans won in their Houston Oilers throwbacks, the Miami Dolphins won in their 1970s while throwbacks, and the Seattle Seahawks emerged victorious in their 1980s-90s uniforms they wore when the franchise played in the AFC.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will put that streak on the line this week against the Green Bay Packers, wearing the "block numbered" throwbacks the team wore during the "Steel Curtain" days in the 1970s. A Steelers victory would give teams wearing throwback uniforms six straight wins, perhaps clamoring these teams to make their throwback uniforms permanent. 

Week 12 appears to be the next time the throwback uniforms will be worn, as the Eagles, San Francisco 49ers (1994 home red jerseys) and Atlanta Falcons (1966 throwbacks) are scheduled to wear their alternates. The Dallas Cowboys typically wear their 1960-63 home jerseys on Thanksgiving week, which is also Week 12. The Detroit Lions could wear their 1934 throwbacks as well, although they didn't on Thanksgiving last year. The uniform for that week hasn't been announced yet. 

Teams are winning wearing throwbacks this year, at least in recent weeks. Look good, play good.