Buccaneers safety Chris Conte has enjoyed a lengthy career as a starting safety in the NFL, but dreadful game-changing plays have come to define his career. There was the time in Chicago when his blown coverage allowed the Packers to leapfrog the Bears in the NFC North. And then there's what happened on Monday night.

Against the Steelers, Conte got stiff armed by Vance McDonald into an entirely different dimension. There are disrespectful stiff arms, and then there's what McDonald did to Conte. 


As a result, the Buccaneers surrendered a 75-yard touchdown on the play, which would've tied the game at 7-7, but Steelers kicker Chris Boswell's extra point was no good.

Unfortunately for Conte, that's not even the first time he's been stiff armed into oblivion.  

Obviously, it's not entirely fair to define a player who's appeared in over 100 NFL games by one or two plays. But exceptions can be made for especially memorable moments. That stiff arm certainly qualifies as especially memorable. And it happened to a player who's made a habit of being on the wrong end of memorable plays.

To make matters worse, Conte later left the game with a knee injury and was quickly ruled out.