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LATROBE, Pa. -- To say that Dan Moore Jr.'s NFL career has been interesting would be an understatement. A former fourth-round pick, Moore was an immediate starter at left tackle for the Steelers and was tasked with protecting Ben Roethlisberger's blindside during his final season and Kenny Pickett's during his rookie campaign. 

Being an immediate starter did come with some challenges, however. Moore didn't have the luxury of watching a veteran before getting his chance to shine. Instead, Moore found himself matched up against Trey Hendrickson -- one of the NFL's premier pass rushers -- during his third regular-season game. 

Moore took the challenge head on. He got better throughout his rookie season and helped Roethlisberger start each game during his final season. Moore and the rest of the line also led the way for fellow rookie Najee Harris to set the franchise rookie single-season rushing record. 

Last year, Moore started each of Pittsburgh's regular-season games for a second straight year (he and Chukwuma Okorafor are the only linemen who can say that). Similarly to 2021, the Steelers started slow before having a strong finish. One of the reasons for the turnaround was the play of the line and Moore, who gave Pickett enough time to lead four game-winning drives. 

Moore finds himself in a position battle this summer. He is trying to hold off Broderick Jones -- the 14th overall pick in April's draft -- to keep his spot at starting left tackle. Jones is just one of several new faces on the offensive line along with guards Isaac Seumalo and Nate Herbig

CBS Sports caught up with Moore prior to Saturday's training camp practice to discuss his career so far, his current position battle and the current state of Pittsburgh's offensive line. 

Let's go back in time for a second. What was it like being a starting NFL left tackle as a rookie? 

DM: "Definitely jumped into it quick, but thankful for it because I feel like it gave me a lot of experience. Taught me how to be a professional really early in my career. Trying to take that and use it to my advantage." 

What would current Dan Moore tell the rookie version of yourself? 

DM: "From a mental standpoint, just expect anything. Coach Tomlin always says, 'Cut your eyelids off.' Basically saying, don't blink. Things can happen in the blink of an eye when you don't expect it. And that's the business of this game that we play. The games that I've been in since then have been pretty wild. That would probably be the biggest thing I would say to myself." 

What are you the most proud of regarding your NFL career so far? 

DM: "I would say probably being able to block for Ben. That's definitely pretty awesome, being able to block for somebody like that. A first-ballot Hall of Famer. Somebody I watched growing up pretty much my whole life. That was awesome. Pretty surreal." 

What was it like to be his teammate during his final season? 

DM: "Oh man, he was a good dude. Ben loved me, I loved him. He was just a great guy to be around." 

How much of a motivation was it to win his final home game against the Browns

DM: "I definitely feel like there was some motivation there. In the moment, I don't know if you really thought about it that much, but definitely toward the end it started to settle in. After that last snap, it all kind of hit us for sure." 

What's the difference between blocking for Ben and Kenny Pickett? 

DM: "I don't try to pay attention to who's back there. I guess the biggest thing is obviously Ben was a Hall of Famer. I don't really know if there's a huge difference, honestly." 

The offensive line has undergone a lot of changes over the past few years, and the unit is arguably the deepest group on the team entering the 2023 season. What are you initial thoughts on this group? 

DM: "It's been awesome. We're all gelling for sure as an offensive line, which is good. Even with the new guys, they fit in like we've all known each other for years. It's a big friendship and bond, which is what you want from an offensive line. It's been good." 

I'm sure this isn't the first time you've been in a position battle. Can previous experiences to help you prepare for your current situation? 

DM: "I just try to approach each and every day as its own. You can try to be better than the last day, that's it." 

How good do this think this offensive line can be? 

DM: "Really good. I think we have a lot of potential. I think we have a lot of things going for us. If we can stay healthy, I feel like we have a really high ceiling."