Super Bowl LVII gave us something that we had previously never seen: Two brothers playing against one another. This took sibling rivalry to the highest degree possible with Travis Kelce and his Chiefs squaring up with Jason Kelce and the Eagles on the NFL's biggest stage. Naturally, there was a lot of pomp and circumstance around this quirk and now that the big game is all said and done, we have a winner in this battle between brothers. 

Kansas City was able to win its third Super Bowl in franchise history, edging out the Eagles thanks to a last-second field goal, meaning that Travis Kelce now has a leg up on his older brother. 

In the aftermath of the game, Travis and Jason met on the field to share an emotional embrace where you can hear the older Kelce congratulate his brother on winning his second Super Bowl title. 

While this was a wholesome family moment, Jason did throw a jab at Travis after beating him, saying (per the Philadelphia Inquirer): "F*** you, congratulations." 

All ribbing aside, it's clear that there is a tremendous amount of respect that they both have for one another as brothers and NFL players. Travis Kelce noted as much during his postgame press conference, while also acknowledging the weird balancing act that situation presents. 

"There's nothing you can really say to a love one in a situation like that," Travis said while wiping away a tear. "You joke around all the time and say you want to beat your brother on the biggest stage ever, but it's a weird feeling. It's a weird feeling. And that team had great leadership, great coaches. Obviously, it came down to the end and we've got all the respect in the world for those Eagles, man. There was nothing I could really say to him other than that I love him and he played a hell of a year, hell of a season." 

After that embrace with Travis, Jason Kelce also shared an emotional embrace with his mother, Donna.

And now the Kelce Bowl is officially over.