Davis fell short of gaining the necessary 80 percent of votes in February. Getty Images

Terrell Davis wants to enter the Hall of Fame. He also wants to eat a glazed doughnut.

The former Broncos running back, MVP, Super Bowl MVP, and two-time champion has been a Hall of Fame finalist twice and a semifinalist 10 times. This past February, he fell short of gaining the necessary 80 percent of votes.

On Monday, Davis explained what it's like to be prevented from entering the Hall of Fame. He ended up comparing the experience to visiting a doughnut shop and not being able to eat anything.

Sad! It turns out Davis really does love his doughnuts.

The Hall of Fame case for Davis is simple: When he played, he was the best running back in the league. From 1996-1998, Davis averaged roughly 1,765 rushing yards and 16 touchdowns per season. In 1998, he eclipsed the 2,000-yard mark and scored 21 touchdowns. Without him, John Elway failed to win a Super Bowl. With him, Elway ended his playing career with two rings.

The case against Davis is also simple: He hardly played. He lasted just seven years before retiring due to injuries. That's it.

Too good, but too short. So, what gives?

Me? I say we let Davis into the Hall of Fame. Injuries are largely out of a player's control. Being super good on the field when healthy is pretty much entirely in a player's control. Davis did everything -- look at his list of accomplishments above -- in his power to become a Hall of Famer. It's not his fault his career ended early.

So, in conclusion, let's give him that glazed doughnut.