Depending on your fandom, there's one team you cannot stand -- the team you always root against no matter who they're playing, a team you wish infinite losses on. Usually this team is someone in the division of your favorite team, though often it can be a club that beat yours in a big game.

While every fanbase in the NFL has their own rival, it seems hating one team in particular brings most fans together: the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Steelers, the most hated team in America??

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SportsInsider used data from over 90,000 tweets to come to the conclusion that NFL fans hate the Steelers more than any other team.

Anyone who has watched a game between the Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals or Cleveland Browns (from any year), knows those teams do not get along, but clearly it goes beyond just the AFC North.

They study found the Steelers were the most "hated" team in a total of eight states, which marked the most in the league. According to the data, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode Island are where people who tweet "I hate the Steelers" are mostly located.

Pennsylvania, home of the Steelers, hates the Baltimore Ravens the most.

Pittsburgh is currently the only undefeated team in the league, making them even more hateable. The Steelers will head to Baltimore to play the Ravens on Sunday.