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Sunday night's game between the Los Angeles Rams and Tennessee Titans had a somewhat surprising result. The Titans, playing without Derrick Henry, went into SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles and beat the Rams, controlling the game throughout most of the evening behind a dominant performance from their defensive line and an offense that took advantage of the opportunities it was afforded. 

One thing about the game that was not surprising, though, was that Jalen Ramsey played his usual physical, in-your-face game for the Rams. One of the faces Ramsey got into was that of Titans wideout A.J. Brown. The two had a little bit of a dust-up late in the second quarter. 

The NBC broadcast mentioned around this time that Brown had told them he wasn't going to get into it with Ramsey during the game and would instead just walk back to the huddle, but that's obviously not what happened here. 

Following the win, Brown had this to say regarding the exchange: "I don't mind the chirping. But little things after the play, I'm not going for it. … I'm not trying to fight nobody. I'm not taking no shit, though."

Brown apparently added that Ramsey has his phone number, if he wants to continue talking. We'll update you if Ramsey decides to take him up on that offer. Probably.