Miami restaurant and night club owner Dave Grutman posted videos of himself playing some beach football with Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and David Beckham -- with "football" referring to the former's sport rather than the latter. The clips show Brady playing the role of quarterback (obviously), and Beckham playing the role defensive back.

Grutman posted four slides of videos, with the first three beginning with some variation of "I'm completely redeeming myself for the last time." Each time, the Beckham got the better of him, even in the fourth clip where it looked like Brady got Beckham to bite on a pump fake -- though it still resulted in an interception from the ex-Manchester United and England star midfielder.

While there's no specifics on how this all came together, there are context clues scattered throughout the internet. Beckham is the owner of new MLS club, Inter Miami CF, and recently came on as a special guest for a class Grutman was giving to Florida International University, called "The David Grutman Experience: The Class," to the Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management.

Brady's involvement likely stems from the fact that the former Patriots star is now a Florida-based quarterback. One thing of note in the videos is the fact that the reigning Super Bowl champion has a sleeve on his leg. Shortly after winning his seventh career title, he had surgery on his knee that was described as "a clean up" by Tampa Bay coach Bruce Arians. That was back in early February.