If you've ever spent any time on the internet, then you're probably well aware of the fact that there's a lot of people out there who don't like Tom Brady.

Sure, Brady has a lot of fans, but he also has his fair share of detractors, and if you need of proof of that, just log on to Twitter. For instance, not only does the guy below hate Brady, but he also hates his family and his barber. 

Here's a few other Brady-haters. 

I could keep posting tweets here, but then you'll probably start hating me as much as these people hate Brady, so let's move one. 

So why does everyone hate Brady? Is it because he has five Super Bowl rings? Is it because he's rich? Is it because he's handsome (but not as handsome as Jimmy Garoppolo)? Is it because he's married to a supermodel?

No, no, no and no, at least according to Brady. 

The Patriots quarterback actually has a theory on why so many fans hate him and he revealed that theory during an interview with WEEI and NESN this week. According to Brady, he would be less hated if football was an Olympic sport, which would give the country a chance to rally around him. 

"I think it's a different part about football in America," Brady said. "If you look at a lot of other sports around the world, at some point, maybe, you get to represent your country, like watching the World Cup in the summer. I see all these soccer players that play for these different clubs, but then come together for their country at some point. In America, we never get a chance to do that."

Since America never gets a chance to root for Brady, most of the country hates him because he's always beating their favorite team. 

"Most Americans that live in other parts of the country, they don't like the Patriots," Brady said. "They don't like me, and I can understand that. I was a 49ers fan at one point. They want to see their team win, and when they don't, I think they've got to direct that frustration somewhere else and when you've been successful like our team's been, I think frustration gets directed at us, and that's just part of it."

Of course, Brady has no problem playing the role of the villain. 

"You just have to understand, that's what you're getting into," Brady said. "You have a lot of people who support you, but you also have a lot of people who kind of cheer for other teams and if you don't come to grips with that, you're in the wrong profession."

The good news for Brady is that for every fan who hates him, there seems to be at least 600 fans on New England who love him. Brady is also Dez Bryant's favorite player, and that definitely has to count for something, right?