Over the weekend a conspiracy theory emerged regarding Tom Brady's boycott of the NFL shield logo on his helmet. This theory went that Brady, since the league began prosecuting him for the Deflategate scandal, had been practicing and playing without a required logo on his helmet.

The NFL takes its uniforms very seriously -- Colin Kaepernick would've gotten in trouble for removing the American flag from his helmet -- and Brady purposely removing the league's logo wouldn't sit very well in the offices on Park Avenue.

Brady's helmet hasn't featured a decal. USA TODAY Sports / CBS Sports Illustration

But according to Tom Curran of CSNNE, speaking on Pro Football Talk Live, Brady didn't know the decal was missing.

Appearing on Monday's PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio, Curran said that ... Brady would say he didn't know the logo was missing.

So maybe Brady didn't know the decal was missing, but he was at least not generally aware the logo was missing?

Either way, it likely won't matter until Week 5 when Brady is actually able to return from suspension. (Read: don't expect the league to launch an investigation into Brady's helmet stickers prior to the start of the 2016 season on Thursday night.)

If he happens to show up for his first game of the year against the Browns on Oct. 9 without an NFL shield on his helmet, however, the league might quickly take umbrage with his accidental wardrobe decisions.