Jets, Dolphins and Bills fans might want to find another team to cheer for because it doesn't sound like Tom Brady plans on retiring anytime soon.

The Patriots quarterback, who has won 11 AFC East titles since 2003, said Wednesday that he would like to play in the NFL for 10 more years.

"I'd like to play a long time," Brady said during a conference call with New York media. "There's a lot that goes into playing well. I've played with a lot of great teammates. But I want to play for a long time, maybe 10 more years. I think that's probably what my goal is."

The oldest player to ever take a snap in an NFL game was George Blanda, who was 48 years old when he played his final game for the Oakland Raiders in January 1976. If Brady plays through the 2025 season and his team were to make the playoffs, he would end up breaking Blanda's record.

So does Brady really think he can play that long?

"Well, it's not always up to me," Brady said. "That's what my goals are, so that's just what I'm hoping. And it will take a lot to achieve that. Obviously a team has to want you, but I think that's -- you know, I love playing this sport. I love making a commitment to my teammates and my coaches, and hopefully I can do it for a long time."

The quarterback has actually added two more years onto his most recent prediction about his career. In November 2014, Brady told a friend in an email that he thought he might be able to play seven to eight more years. Now he wants to play 10 more.

Maybe Brady just wants to outlast Roger Goodell because of that whole Deflategate thing. It's also possible that Brady wants to prove to everyone how far you can get in life without drinking Coke or eating Frosted Flakes.

Anyway, if Brady somehow lasts until 2025, he would be one-and-a-half seasons away from breaking the record he wants the most: Brett Favre's record for consecutive games started.

Brady definitely has the durability to do it. Besides 2008, when he missed the season with an ACL tear, Brady hasn't missed a game due to injury since becoming the Patriots' starter in 2001.

Tom Brady wants to play football until he's almost 50. (USATSI)
Tom Brady says he wants to play football until he's almost 50. (USATSI)