Tom Brady brought a gift Wednesday for the sports fan that loves an absolutely terrible pun. The six-time Super Bowl champion reportedly submitted twice to the United States Patent and Trademark Office to commemorate his move to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A video from Josh Gerben, who founded his own trademark law firm, reveals that Tom Brady's company, TEB Capital Management, filed new trademarks for TOMPA BAY and TAMPA BRADY, with the goal of using the nicknames on clothing.

As many of the replies have pointed out, Tompa Bay sounds more like how someone with a particular British accent would pronounce the home city of the Buccaneers than it does an homage to Brady himself. Tampa Brady is at least a little more clear, though still just as cringe-inducing. Don't look to the quarterback to dismiss his own ideas, however. He's clearly so proud of his decision that he's started giving advice to other greats about how to combine their name with their team.

The former Patriots quarterback signed part of the application, expressing an interest in using these trademarks for commerce. That means we can look forward to potentially seeing Tompa Bay or Tampa Brady-branded clothing sometime in the future -- provided the NFL season even happens. 

This just goes to show that just because a player leaves the team he built his entire brand with after nearly two decades, he does not have to stop profiting off of that very same brand.