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Future Hall of Famer Tom Brady officially stepped away from the field in February, but he does not plan on leaving the NFL completely. In May, the seven-time Super Bowl champion and Raiders owner Mark Davis agreed for Brady to become a minority owner of the Las Vegas-based team.

The NFL has to approve the sale, with three-fourths majority vote from teams owners, in order to finalize the deal. And according to the Washington Post, the approval process has been delayed. The reasons for the stall include the financial committee's concerns over the discounted price that Davis is offering Brady. The Post reports that the deal may have to be altered in order for the necessary number of owners to get on board.

So what kind of discount is Brady being offered? Colts owner Jim Irsay shared a few details about that during the NFL's owners meeting on Oct. 18. 

"We're trying to work it through," Irsay said, via the Boston Globe. "The number just has to be a reasonable number for purchase price from Tom, is the only thing. If reasonable value says … that 10 percent should be $525 million, you can't pay $175 million."

It's not clear if Irsay was revealing the exact details of the deal or if he was just using those numbers as an example, but either way, the NFL's powerful finance committee isn't going to OK the deal as it's currently constructed. 

Per the Post, there is no word on if Davis and Brady will work to change their original deal.

Davis and Brady's next chance to ratify the deal would be at the owners meeting scheduled for Dec. 12-13 in Texas.

Brady and Davis have already worked together in ownership with the WNBA, as the former NFL quarterback acquired a minority ownership stake in the Las Vegas Aces, which Davis owns.