Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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The ball that Tom Brady threw 55 yards to Mike Evans that turned into a touchdown in the 2022 NFC Divisional round sold at auction for $518,628 on Saturday. Brady's touchdown pass cut the Los Angeles Rams' lead to seven with 3:20 remaining, but the Buccaneers lost 30-27 to the eventual Super Bowl champions. 

The ball went for such a large sum because, at the time, it was assumed that ball was the last touchdown the Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB had thrown in his storied NFL career. It was, until Brady announced on Sunday night that he was coming out of his brief retirement and will be playing for the Bucs again next season.

After catching Brady's touchdown in the game against the Rams, Evans heaved the ball into the stands. A fan who caught the ball then consigned it. The starting bid for Brady's final touchdown ball was $100,000, and a total of 23 people placed bids until the eventual $518,628 sale. Gilroy anticipated the ball would sell for $1 million -- nearly double the actual sale price.   

Brady's first career touchdown pass with the New England Patriots -- a 21-yarder to Terry Glenn on Oct. 14, 2001 -- was also thrown into the stands by his receiver. That ball sold for $428,841 via Lelands last June. 

"Tom Brady is the GOAT and his final NFL TD pass football is one for the ages," Lelands director of acquisitions Jordan Gilroy said, per USA Today. "It's incredibly ironic that both his first and last ever touchdown pass footballs were tossed into the stands." 

Brady, 44, announced his retirement on Feb. 1 after a 22-year career with the Patriots and Buccaneers. A former sixth-round pick, Brady established himself as the game's greatest player by winning seven Super Bowls, making 15 Pro Bowls and earning three MVP awards.  He came out of retirement on Sunday.