Trent Williams isn't set to give up on a football career just yet. Williams is still in the process of settling his issues with the Washington Redskins over his cancer diagnosis and his distrust with the team doctors, but the perennial Por Bowler plans on playing football again in 2020. Whether that will be with the Redskins will be up for debate, especially since Williams called the organization out after the team placed him on the reserve/non-football injury list Thursday. 

"It's what I do," Williams said regarding his football career, via ESPN's Dan Graziano. "I want to continue my Pro Bowl streak. I want to win a Super Bowl. I've got a lot of stuff I want to accomplish. I hate that I got derailed, but I'm blessed and I'm back. Looking for that helmet that can fit.

Williams had a growth removed from his head this offseason and doctors were concerned it was a malignant tumor, which was removed without incident. Williams failed his physical and couldn't practice with the Redskins due to discomfort in his helmet and trying to find one that can fit. 

"I feel like everything has run its course," Williams said to USA Today regarding his situation with the Redskins. "I mean, I do want to play football still and I'm not a free agent until after the 2020 season, so who knows. But the bridge has definitely been burned, and any efforts now, basically are, in my opinion, pretty much just CYA [cover your ass]."

Williams will be in high demand this offseason as franchise left tackles are at a premium in the NFL. Williams has made seven straight Pro Bowls and was named to the All-Pro team in 2015. He also has been voted as a Top 100 player in the NFL for seven straight years. He is owed $14.75 million in 2020, which is his age 32 season.

Teams could give the Redskins a premium draft pick for Williams, who believes his relationship with the organization can not be repaired. If Williams looks to continue his career, it will likely be with another organization.