These are dark times for the Dallas Cowboys, a proud organization that has not been to the Super Bowl in -- *checks notes* -- um, 22 years. Nevertheless, they're a popular organization that people care deeply about and they are struggling. After falling to 3-5 on Monday night against the Titans, it is safe to say Jason Garrett's job is on the line the next eight weeks

If former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman had his druthers, it wouldn't just be Garrett who got shipped out, it would be a "complete overhaul" for the Cowboys. Aikman, appearing on 1310 The Ticket in Dallas, didn't hold back on his thoughts about the state of football in Dallas.

"Go through the list and this team, over a long period of time, has been what it's been," Aikman said, via Todd Archer of ESPN. "It hasn't always mattered who the head coach has been. So to me, if you're asking me, I'd say there has to be a complete overhaul of the entire organization."

Aikman believes there is a "lot of dysfunction" within the Cowboys building and that the way things are run -- Jerry Jones is the owner and GM, but son/VP Stephen Jones is making plenty of decisions, along with personnel man Will McClay -- and that explains why the team isn't consistent year to year.

"I've heard Jerry say, 'OK, look, we're going to do it differently. I'm going to do it differently.' ... But it's the same. Nothing changes," Aikman said. "And that to me is the bigger issue. ... Yes, coaching is important, personnel, all those things are important, but how are you going about evaluating how you're going about running the organization?

"Whatever that looks like -- and everyone has an opinion on what it does look like, but I'm not in the building. I have no idea. I talk to people. I talk to people who have been inside the building and have a pretty good understanding how things are run, and in a lot of ways there's a lot of dysfunction, and that has to change if this team is going to be able to compete on a consistent basis like the teams that you look to around the league that seemingly are in the hunt each and every year."

Since last making the Super Bowl, the Cowboys are 187-173, which is actually better than one might expect given their inability to get deep into the playoffs. In that same time span, the Cowboys are 3-9 in the playoffs, with Garrett going 1-2 in his run, which has lasted long enough to make him the second-longest tenured Cowboys coach of all time, behind only Tom Landry. Jerry having a longer leash for Jason Garrett than Jimmy Johnson says a lot. 

There's a whole lot more going on here, too, with Jones saying on Tuesday he plans to give Dak Prescott an extension even though no one's really seen Prescott do enough to automatically warrant earning such an extension. 

Perhaps the biggest problem is exactly what Aikman's pointing too -- the organization as a whole needs a reboot. Unfortunately it is really difficult as a GM to get fired when you also own the team, and it is extremely unlikely the Cowboys actually end up changing the way they operate. Jones makes too much money and the Cowboys are still too big a draw for that to happen.